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Parking - Street Parking and Special Event Parking

Under the Burton Act and the Charter of the City and County of San Francisco, the Port Commission has responsibility for governing metered parking within the Port’s jurisdiction. This page will help you find parking locations, hours, and rates.  You will also find information on special event parking and resources for resolving parking related issues on Port property.

Hours of Operation
Locations and Rates
SFMTA and Port Partnership
Special Events - AT&T Park Area Parking for Special Events
Broken Meters
No Stopping Sign Service - Temporary Sign Application to Dedicate Parking Stalls
How to Dispute Your Credit Card Transaction
Expansion in Mission Bay
Mission Bay Announcements 2012

Hours of Operation

Port parking meters operate 7 days a week from 7am to 11pm. After 7pm, rates are reduced to $0.50/hour. The Port currently recognizes the following one-day parking holidays:


  • New Year's Day, January 1, 2015, only*
  • Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2015, only*
  • Christmas Day, December 25, 2015, only*

*Please note: the City may observe holidays on different days. 

Locations and Rates

For a pdf map of Port property, click on this link: Port Strip Map

Hourly rates vary by area.

SFMTA and Port Partnership

In 2009, the Port partnered with SFMTA to improve parking management throughout the City. Together, the SFMTA and Port are implementing innovative strategies to better the parking experience, increase parking availability, and reduce congestion. Through the SFMTA’s SFpark, the Port realizes improved parking management, such as demand-based pricing and special event parking. For more information on the Port and SFpark parking program, please visit SFpark.org.

sfpark logo


Special Events - AT&T Park Area Parking for Special Events

Need a place to park for an event at AT&T Park? Finding a parking space just got easier for those unable to take public transportation to a game. With demand-based pricing, locating a convenient place to park along Port streets is more possible.  When you arrive at the Port's waterfront, look for parking on The Embarcadero, Delancy, Brannan, Beale, Spear Streets, and Mission Bay. Special event street parking is currently $5.00-$7.00/hr.  Here's information on how to go green to a Giants game: Giants Fans Go Green to Giants Game.

Upgrade I

In 2009, the Port replaced all coin-only mechanical parking meters with pay stations. These pay stations support an expanded method of payment, allowing motorists to pay for parking with a debit/credit card.

Upgrade II

In early 2011, the SFMTA and Port upgraded 1/3 of Port parking stalls.  Responding to a strong demand for a simplified user interface, the Port changed from pay stations to electronic single space meters. The new single space meters are easier to use and provide even greater payment options by also accepting the City’s parking card. For more information on the City's parking card, visit: www.sfmta.com/cms/pmeter/parkingcard.htm.

Upgrade III

Beginning in mid 2014, the SFMTA and Port shall upgrade the remaining 2/3 Port parking stalls.  In continued response to the need for a better customer experience, the majority of pay stations will be replaced with single space meters.  These new single space meters have larger screens to better display instructions and hours of operation.  The remaining pay stations will be replaced with a different, improved, and reliable product.



The Port enforces parking regulations through the SFMTA. If you receive a citation on Port property, please contact the SFMTA: http://www.sfmta.com/cms/penf/13441.html

SFMTA Citation Division
attn: Correspondence Department
11 South Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94103

If your vehicle is towed, visit the AutoReturn offices at 450 7th Street, San Francisco, CA. You may also call 415-865-8200 or visit http://www.autoreturn.com/ or www.sfmta.com/cms/penf/13443.html for more information. 

Broken Meters

To report a broken meter, please call 311 or visit: www.sfmta.com/cms/pmeter/indxpkmeter.htm or www.sf311.org/.

Temporary Signs - to Dedicate Parking Stalls for Special Events or Construction

This application may help if you would like to dedicate parking stalls for an event or construction.  If you are interested in temporary signs on Port property, select a temporary sign application below and submit your application 10 business days in advance.

First, you should research if your request falls under the jurisdition of the Port of San Francisco.  For your convenience, these drawings show streets for which a Port application is required.  If you cannot find a specific street, you may likely need to apply through SFMTA by calling 311.  You are strongly encouraged to physically verify the location and submit photographs.  These drawings are meant to aid you with your request: Port Parking Meter Drawings by Block

Special Events
Special events include street fairs, races, parades, demonstrations, film projects, sporting events, moving, hotel/restaurant parking, tour buses, funerals, etc.  To apply for a special event, follow the instructions on pages one and two of this form: Temporary Sign Application for Special Events.  Submit your application (PDF) to: nostopping@sfport.com or FAX: 415-274-0578.

Construction companies are responsible for obtaining - from the Port - temporary signs for construction projects.  If you are a construction company applying for temporary signs, be sure you receive Port approval.  This permit is separate from any other permit required.  Follow the instructions on pages one and two of this form: Temporary Sign Application for Construction.  Submit your application (PDF) to: nostopping@sfport.com or FAX: 415-274-0578.  Only Port authorized signs are permitted.  Violators will be cited, which may result in potential delays to construction.

How to Dispute Your Credit Card Transaction

No receipt is issued for your transaction.  Please check your statement to verify any charge to your account is correct.

The fastest way to dispute a credit card charge is to directly contact your card's issuing bank or institution.  Your card company will notify the City of the disputed charge and initiate a process where your transaction is researched.  If a system error is identified, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Please report meter problems to 311.

Expansion in Mission Bay

In February 2012, the Port Commission reconfirmed its approval for new parking meters in Mission Bay. Meters help open parking spaces in busy areas. Because Mission Bay is a rapidly developing area, we continue to see big spikes in parking demand, especially during events at AT&T Park. These new meters will have no time limit, enhancing driver convenience in an area that once was restricted to two hours.

Mission Bay Announcements

Spring 2012 Notice to Boaters (pdf) | Fall 2012 Coming Soon to Mission Bay - Shorter Hours, Lower Rates, New Meters, and New Lot | Old Terry Francois Off Street Parking Lot | Pier 52 Boat Launch Parking Retulations

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