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Permit Services

Pier 70-2 Drawing

The Building Permit Process begins with the submittal of an application and required documents to Engineering Division’s Building Permit Group (BPG) at the Permit Desk at Port’s Pier 1 office. Once submitted, the process requires approvals of Port’s Real Estate, Maritime and Planning Divisions prior to the application being filed and routed for compliance review with the Port of San Francisco Building Code. Depending on the scope of work, the process may also include review and approval of other agencies with regulatory concerns including, but not limited to, SFFD, SF PUC and the Dept. of Public Health. Drop-in hours: M-F 8:30 am – 11:30 am (excluding legal holidays).



Permit Desk: Tiffany Tatum and LaCresha Whitfield, 415-274-0554   Fax: 415-274-0551 (cover sheet required)

Building Inspections: 415-274-0561

Chief Harbor Engineer: Eunejune Kim, 415-274-0570
Chief Building Inspector: Neil Friedman, 415-274-0564
Building Inspector: Robert LaRose, 415-274-0438
Building Inspector: John H. Lee, 415-274-0376



 Permit Service Documents

Encroachment Permit Services

(Incomplete or partial submittals will NOT be processed.)


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