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Vessel Schedule

CMYK TransparencyPublish Date:  August 31, 2015



15/17 East Face 9/18-19/2015 Black out Dates No Vessels Exploratorium  
(Exploratorium) 10/2-3/2015 " "  
  10/5-13/2015 FLEET WEEK TBD Canadian Navy TBD
  10/26-27/2015 " "  
  12/4-5/2015 " "  
  12/11-12/2015 " "  
19 South Open      
  10/7-13/2015 FLEET WEEK TBD Canadian Navy TBD
30/32 East Face 8/28-31/2015 USCG- Polar Star  Mare Island Dry Dock LLC  
  9/14-15/2015 R/V Ocean Starr Ocean Services LLC  
  9/27-30/2015 R/V Neil Armstrong Woods Hole place holder
  9/27 to 10/17/2015 FLEET WEEK TBD Dates include set up- take down. Vessel on dock 10/5 to 10/13 
27 8/30/2015 Golden Princess Metro Victoria/Ketchikan
James R. Herman  9/2/2015 Regatta Metro Astoria/Cabo San Lucas
Cruise Terminal 9/4-5/2015 Celebrity Infinity Intercruise Victoria/Monterey
  9/9/2015 Golden Princess Metro Victoria/Juneau
  9/13-18/2015 Celebrity Infinity Intercruise Charter
  9/19/2015 Golden Princess Metro Victoria/Honolulu
  9/21/2015 Coral Princess Metro Astoria/Los Angeles
  9/22-23/2015 Jewel of the Seas Intercruise Astoria/Monterey
  9/25/2015 Grand Princess Metro Cabo San Lucas/Nawiliwili
  9/28-29/2015 Jewel of the Seas Intercruise Santa Barbara/Monterey
  9/30/2015 Oosterdam Intercruise Astoria/Cabo San Lucas
35 South 9/5/2015 Seven Sea Navigator Metro Astoria/Cabo San Lucas
  9/15/2015 Grand Princess Metro Victoria/Puerto Vallarta
  9/28/2015 Le Boreal Norton Lily Vancouver/Monterey
  9/30/2015 Amsterdam Intercruise Seattle/San Diego
35 North OPEN      
 45 East long term assignment Jeremiah O'Brien & Pampanito NLSM  
Ferry Terminals        
Gate B Daily Vallejo/Tiburon WETA/Blue and Gold COMMUTE SERVICE
Gate E Daily Oakland/Alameda/Harbor Bay WETA/Blue and Gold COMMUTE SERVICE
China Basin  4/2/15 opening day  ball game  ferry service   Service to/fm Vallejo, Oakland Alameda and Larkspur
50 Face 9/18/2009 Cape Horn Calif Sealift lay up
  12/7/2012 Cape Hudson Calif Sealift lay up
50 D OPEN      
BAE SYSTEMS San Francisco Ship Repair Pier 68        
Drydock #2 07/13 ─ 8/26/2015 USNS Rainier (T-AOE-7) MSC Scheduled maintenance & repairs. Will shift to 4-East on Aug.16.
Wharf 4 E OPEN      
DD- Eureka OPEN      
Wharf 3E OPEN      
Wharf 3W 04/04/2012 ─ ETD/TBD SS Lihue (LASH) Matson Navigation  lay up 
 Cargo Terminals        
80 A Shed&Dock  10/5-13/2015 FLEET WEEK TBD Vessel TBD
  10/12/2014 Marine Express Marine Express 4xBarges
80 B OPEN      
80 C 8/27-9/2/2015 BBC Peru TBD Tesoro Wharf project-- load commence 8/24
80 D OPEN      
92 3/1/2014-present Tug/Barge Peter Lind Cemex Sand
94 OPEN      
96 North 8/23-29/2015 Int. Freedom Pacific Tugboat Service Tug service for MARAD
96 South 7/18/2013--8/29/2015 Petersburg Calif Sealift MARAD

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